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“Hogan’s rich, sensual vocals add layers of warmth and elements of soul to the group’s music, while Brian Link on bass, Matt Ramsdell on drums and percussion, and John Dover on trumpet create the jazzy, country blues elements that will transport the listener to a humid, summer night in the South.”

– Kelsey Greco, Vortex Music Magazine (April 26, 2018)

“Colin’s original lyrics and compositions combines many musical influences, to create a totally unique sound that can captivate any audience.”

– Teri Briggs, The Portland Playlist, (February 18, 2017)

“The score, composed by Colin Hogan of The Colin Trio, perfectly fits the narration. As the story opens, a piano plinks over the background sounds of a hotel bar. It never disappears, but morphs as the scenes change, locking in with the narration as though story and sound were a pair of puzzle pieces. The score is simple, spare, and doesn’t need to be anything more.”

– Trey Wydsh, (December 3, 2019)

For two seasons of Storytellers Telling Stories, Jude Brewer explored the various ways he could combine music and storytelling—because, when it comes down to it, a great songwriter is also a great storyteller so why not marry the best of both worlds?

As with any good creative endeavor, Brewer’s podcasting experience has evolved into Storybound, “a radio theater program” that combines well-known “authors and writers reading some of their most impactful stories,” backed by “powerful and immersive sound environments” created by local musicians.

Listen to my episode here!



Less of a trio and more of a triple-headed hydra roving through an alurring array of genre-blending styles, The Colin Trio is anything but typical.

Named after lead singer, guitarist, keyboardist, Colin Hogan, listeners would be hard-pressed to name any specific member of the trio as Lead. Whether it’s Colin‘s knack for slipping in and out of musical eras with ease, or bassist Brian Link’s adeptness with any groove, or drummer Cheo Larcombe’s ability to start at the flick of a match, watching The Colin Trio perform live is akin to three improvisational masters besting one another at every turn between a cavalcade of Rock, Soul, Jazz, Funk, and the Blues.

Their modest 2016 debut LP, Tightening the Wire, was followed up with a pair of Live Rye Room Session performances, welcoming trumpet player John Dover and showcasing their more delicate and meticulous side.

“[It’s] the music that pours out of my heart… the music that makes me feel timeless,” said Colin Hogan when asked by Vortex Magazine in 2018 what kind of music they play, aptly dreading the question. “I’m a soul that’s been around through thousands of lifetimes and these songs are my reflection of connecting with thousands of lifetimes of people and love and heartache and compassion and will and struggle and dreams.”

“You can’t find a more versatile band on the scene right now,” said Jude Brewer, producer of Lit Hub podcast, Storybound, after their Season One collaboration.

The Colin Trio is currently working on a follow-up to their 2016 LP, exploring where exactly those thousands of lifetimes lead them next.