The Colin Trio

Less of a trio and more of a triple-headed hydra roving through an alluring array of genre-blending styles, The Colin Trio is anything but typical.

Named after lead singer, guitarist, pianist, Colin Hogan, listeners would be hard-pressed to name any specific member of the trio as lead.

 Whether it’s Colin’s knack for slipping in and out of musical eras, or bassist Brian Link’s adeptness with any groove, or drummer Cheo Larcombe’s ability to start at the flick of a match, watching The Colin Trio perform live is akin to three improvisational masters besting one another at every turn between a cavalcade of rock, soul, jazz, funk and the blues. 

Their modest 2016 debut LP, Tightening The Wire, was followed up with a pair of Live Rye Room Session performances, welcoming trumpet player John Dover and showcasing their more delicate and meticulous side. Their 2020 release, Live from Under the Brim, captured two sizzling nights of music performed for a captivated audience.

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I Don’t Mind is a song written from the perspective of someone with achromatopsia. See the world through contrast, contextual clues and imagination.
The Colin Trio performs at the Alberta Abby for the Dylan Basement tapes tribute, featuring Mark Bowden and David “Lip” Lipkind.
The Colin Trio performs at Alberta Street Pub
Colin Hogan
Colin has been chasing her music dreams since she was 5 years old when she began studying piano and composing. She started singing around age 12 and expanded to playing guitar around age 15. Her passion has always been to write music and share it with the world. As a high school student, Colin began performing her original music in local venues of her hometown Newport News, VA. Colin went on to study Music Industry in college and continued to perform in the southeastern VA region and beyond. By this time her solo act had expanded to include bass player Brian Link. The two continued to grow their reach in the Mid Atlantic until 2009 when they relocated to Portland, OR. 
Continuing as a duo until 2014, they were joined by drummer Matt Ramsdell and became The Colin Trio. Their songs evolved into more of a full band experience. They released Tightening the Wire in 2016. The album was recorded in Portland at Fremont Recording. As the trio continued their reach, they met trumpet player John Dover and began adding horn influence into their sound. 
Meanwhile, Link and Hogan had been asked on many occasions to join recordings and live performances as a rhythm section alongside drummer and percussionist Cheo Larcombe. The three kept working together in other projects until late 2018 when Larcombe joined the band. In late 2020, the trio released a live album recorded in Portland at Alberta Street Pub by Field Trip Recording. 
In early 2021 the trio recorded their latest album Where’s You Fire in Muscle Shoals, AL. The band collaborated with producer Patrick Tetreault at East Avalon Recorders. This record captures even more of the trio’s big sound. Mixed by Craig Alvin and mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk of Stereophonic Mastering, the powerful songs show a breadth of style and a depth of passion. 
All three members of the band share a love of live performance and a wide variety of taste.
The trio continues to work in the studio and on stage backing various Pacific Northwest artists including Karyn Ann, Annie Sea, Gwythaints, Vonnie Kyle, Taken By The Sky, Beardz II Men, LDW and more.
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